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Strategic plan

In our new strategic plan (Innovating and Connecting – 2022-2027) we focus on stronger connections: between disciplines, with society and within our university community.

Our ambitions

To strengthen the connections between disciplines, between the University and society, and within our university community, we will work in the coming years on the following six strategic ambitions:

Room for innovation

Realising change and innovation requires space. To create this scarce space, we will take various measures to make the workload manageable and to provide more opportunities for our staff to pursue their ambitions.

Pioneering interdisciplinary research and teaching

We will maintain the high standard of our individual disciplines, and from this firm basis will inspire more interdisciplinary collaboration. We will ensure there is also space for independent and fundamental research within our interdisciplinary research.

Future-proof student development

Our vision on teaching and learning (Learning@LeidenUniversity 2017-2023) is based on inquiry-based learning so that students can develop within an enriching academic environment. We will increase our activities in the area of personal and professional development during and after their initial studies and encourage them to develop and reflect – a whole life long.

A healthy, engaged and learning community

We will continue to build an open and learning organisation where students and staff feel at home and can make the most of their potential. We will continue our steps to support the well-being of our students and staff.

More value through strategic collaboration

Collaboration is essential for improving the quality of research and teaching, generating meaningful societal impact, attracting funding and raising our profile. We will intensify our participation in regional ecosystems, expand our activities in The Hague and strengthen our network in Leiden.

Ample scope for talent and development

We aim to better facilitate and encourage the possibilities for professional growth. This will do more justice to the different qualities of our staff, not only academic but also organisational and policymaking staff, and to the multiplicity of tasks within the University.

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