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Open Access and access rights

Complete open access may not be possible because of various reasons: research ethics, privacy legislation, intellectual property, continuing research. The Easy archive at KNAW/DANS provides various access levels to deal with these issues.

Please also read guidelines on managing personal and sensitive data, because the notion of “context” may also impact the possibility to provide data as open access.

When publishing in Open Access, we advise you to use a proper CreativeCommons (CC-BY) license but consider that copyright applies only to the data classified as the original work. The University of Leiden actively works toward making all research Open Access. We advise you to use a CC0 waiver or a CC-BY 4.0 license that will ensure that you are referred to/ cited when your data are reused. Please contact the Data Steward if you are not sure which license to use.

If you hesitate to provide the current dataset in Open Access because it is not published yet, or you need to continue your research on it, you can publish it under embargo. Nobody except you has access. The embargo period you can set with DANSEasy is 2 years, but you can ask to extend this. A further option is only to grant access if an access request is submitted to the researcher. The researcher then knows who is consulting the data and can reach agreements about its use and reuse.

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