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Programme structure

The Harmonisation of Educational Logistics programme is a University-wide programme spanning several years. A programme structure has been developed to ensure that everything runs smoothly, that the University takes the right steps and decisions and that the right people are involved in the programme. This is explained below.

The programme consists of project groups, sounding boards and a student group.

Project groups

Each project within the programme has its own project group. This is led by a project leader. The members of the projects groups are staff with certain expertise and experience in different project areas. They are representatives from the faculties, expertise centres and central services. 

The project groups can be viewed as ‘design teams.’ They develop the proposals, which are then reviewed by other groups within the programme (for example, the steering committee or advisory committee on implementation).

Sounding boards

The sounding boards look at whether the projects are on track. Students and lecturers are always represented on the sounding boards. The other members differ per project and depend on the topic and the required expertise. 

Student group

Students are central to the programme. A group of students is regularly asked to come up with ideas, provide input and review the interim results. 

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