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Coaching and intervision

The faculty of Humanities offers lecturers individual support and intervision. As education coaches we help beginning lecturers who need to acquire their Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs (BKO). In addition, we are sparring partners for more experienced lecturers who are looking to improve their skills. We also offer intervision in peer groups.

Education coaches and intervision

The two education coaches are Maarten van Leeuwen and Astrid Van Weyenberg. They help lecturers starting out to get their University Teaching Qualification (BKO) with one-to-one conversations. For more experienced lecturers wishing to hone their didactic skills, they act as sparring partners. They also offer intervision in peer groups.

Read this interview with the coaches: A quick call with the education coaches: ‘Teachers could learn so much from each other’

Register for the intervision groups for lecturers

Currently, we have two intervision groups for lecturers. Please click below for more information and how to register:

A participant’s reaction

'The engaging part is that everybody in the intervision group actively participates, which often leads to surprising new insights and concrete tips. Since the intervision groups consist of lecturers from different backgrounds, who offer education at a lot of different study programmes, there is a lot of variation in the discussed themes.'

Support BKO

You can ask us to observe and evaluate one of your lectures (a requirement for your BKO portfolio). Please make these requests at least 3 weeks in advance and make sure that you plan these observations well in time before your BKO portfolio deadline. Should many observation requests come at the same time, we will ask you to propose an alternative date; please keep this in mind when planning your requests. Please e-mail your requests to onderwijscoaches@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Are you interested in general didactic tips or do you want to expand your repertoire of didactic skills? Contact the O&K education advisor Annebeth Simonsz at oenk@hum.leidenuniv.nl

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