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Activating teaching methods

How do you encourage students to actively participate during classes?

In the (Dutch) module ‘Activating forms of education’, you will find a collection of different activating work methods, sorted into 5 themes, which can be used in (online) lectures or preceding lectures. The themes are: collaborated learning, checking knowledge, preparing for lectures, group conversation and opinion formation. Here, you can also find practical tips from your fellow lecturers at Humanities.

Active Learning Classrooms

There are a number of classrooms at the faculty, which have been designed for activating teaching: the Active Learning Classrooms (ALC). One of the core characteristics of an ALC is flexibility. The furniture can easily be changed from a class to a group setup. Students can work on assignments together on whiteboards in the classroom. These methods all contribute to an active learning process. An ALC can also be used for brainstorm sessions or trainings, for example.

The rooms Lipsius 2.17 and P.J. Veth 006 can be booked by your Coordinator of Studies or the ZRS. Click here for more information. 

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