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Reserving rooms

Within the university you can reserve rooms for educational purposes, but also for events, meetings and gatherings. In most university buildings you also reserve rooms for non-regular education.

When you would like to reserve a room for regular courses you can usually contact your faculty course scheduling office. For other room requests - such as a meeting or an event - you can contact your local Servicedesk. This also applies to people from outside the university who would like to reserve a room.

Room Reservation System

Would you like to know where a course is taught or check out an online reservations? Please go to the room reservation system (ZRS).

Go to ZRS

Book a room for regular teaching and examinations

Please use the forms below to book a room for regular teaching and examinations.

In doing so please take into account room availability and facilities (PDF).

You can e-mail the completed forms to the Scheduling Rooms department (zalenbeheer): zalenbeheer@ufb.leidenuniv.nl.

Book a room for other purposes

Please use the form below to book a room or cancel a booking for other purposes than teaching.

NOTE: To complete the form you should first save the file.

If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk by e-mail or telephone:


Service Desk Lipsius, Central Hall


071 527 2402 



Additional fees

There are no additional fees for booking a room, although you will be charged for extra cleaning or other facilities. For these additional fees you need to have a SAP number.

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