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Design and advertisements

The Strategic Communication & Marketing (SCM) department and the Graphic Centre of the University Services Department (UFB) support the faculties and other organisational units with regards to printed materials and advertisements.

SCM Advice Helpdesk

Staff are welcome to contact SCM for:

  • Advice on using the house style in various kinds of printed materials.
  • Advice on selecting e.g. designers, photographers and printers. SCM works with regular freelancers and external agencies that are familiar with the University’s house style. NB: the University has concluded a framework agreement for printed materials.
  • Advice or assistance with ordering printed materials, such as brochures, posters and stand materials.

House style

To ensure that the University is identifiable and distinct, it has a fixed house style that people can recognise at a glance. 

More information about this can be found at Leiden University’s house style.

Letter paper and business cards

Perhaps you want to order business cards or letter paper? Or have an event for which you need badges in the University colours? More information about this can be found at printed materials and templates.

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