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Storage and data recovery

As a standard, your workplace comes equipped with a limited amount of disk space. We offer a number of options for extending your disk space. In addition, ISSC can help you recover lost files.

Do you want to upload files from your P-disk on OneDrive, so that you can access them from home? Request for Data migration from P:\ to OneDrive at the ISSC helpdesk. 

Data storage services

Workgroup on the J: -drive

A workgroup is a shared folder on the J: -drive. The storage capacity of shared drives is automatically extended when the maximum capacity is reached. You do not need to apply for an extension.
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Bulk storage

If you work with large data sets, you can opt for bulk storage space. Bulk storage is available per terabyte (TB).
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Extend personal storage on P: -drive

You are issued 25 GB of disk space for data on your personal drive (the P-drive). You can extend this to a maximum of 50 GB.
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SURFdrive (free of charge)

SURFdrive is a cloud storage service to securily store, synchronise and share files. Users get 250 GB data storage capacity.
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There are costs associated with data storage services (with the exception of SURFdrive). This is why an IT contact person assesses your application. 

Data recovery

If you accidentally deleted important files, you should first try to recover them yourself. Follow the manual for recovering data on the P- or J-drive. If you do not manage to recover your data, you can ask ISSC for help via an application for data recovery.

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