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Leiden University Press

Leiden University Press publishes academic books and journals, primarily in the field of humanities and social and behavioural sciences. If you are a PhD candidate at Leiden University and wish to publish your dissertation, there are various advantages to using Leiden University Press.

Academic quality

Leiden University Press verifies the academic quality of its publications and has a peer review procedure.


If you want to have a Dutch publication translated into English, Leiden University Press can arrange for this, and will make your publication available to the international market.

International distribution

Leiden University Press has contacts with Centraal Boekhuis for sales in the Netherlands and Flanders, and works with The University of Chicago Press for marketing and sales in the United States. NBN Internationaal is responsible for distribution in Great Britain and Europe.

Publication as an e-book

If you want your publication to be published as an e-book, or if you opt for Printing on Demand because you want it to remain available for a longer period, Leiden University Press can arrange for this too.

More information

For more information on publishing at Leiden University Press contact Anniek Meinders.

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