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Flexible working hours

The University has a standard working week of 38 hours. However, you may diverge from this. You may work two more or two fewer hours per week and thus accrue or use extra hours of leave.

Flexible working hours

Apply for flexible working hours via 'Mijn personeelsmutaties' at the Serviceplein. Make a 'nieuwe aanvraag', then choose '(rooster) urenwijziging'. Or contact the PSSC Service point.


The extra leave that you accrue will be added to your leave balance. Leave that you use is deducted from your leave balance. If you are a member of the academic staff or a member of the non-academic staff at a faculty and have a salary scale of 11 or above, you can also use an annual agreement.

If you work part time, the number or extra or fewer hours that you will work will be calculated in proportion. Working hours are rounded off to half hours You make an arrangement for flexible working hours with your manager. Staff who qualify for the senior regulations may not use flexible working hours scheme.

Examples of flexible working hours

Below you will find a number of examples of working weeks with the associated options for flexible working hours and accumulating leave. You will find more examples in appendix G of the CAO.

Contracted hours Contract percentage Factual working hoursn Leave accrual +/- Total leave balance
38 100% 40 +96  328
  100% 38 0  232
  100% 36 -96  136

Flexible working hours in the event of illness

If you fall ill or become unfit to work the agreements concerning the duration of your working week remain valid. However, the extra accrual or deduction of leave stops after six months.

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