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Construction projects

If you wish to find out about current construction projects, you will find an up-to-date overview of Leiden University construction projects below.

Humanities Campus Project

In ten years’ time, the WSD complex is due to undergo a massive step-by-step transformation. All buildings will be tackled one by one, undergoing anything from a simple conversion to a building shell renovation, or even a new building. For more information, see the Humanities Campus Project (Dutch only).

Gorlaeus Building

The new Gorlaeus Building offers a high-tech environment with state of the art research and teaching facilities. The first building phase of the Gorlaeus Building was completed at the end of 2016. For more information, see the New Gorlaeus Building.

Campus square

Over the coming years, the Leiden Bio Science Park will be transformed from a business park into a campus. The campus square will be the vibrant heart of this area. Read more on: Campus square.

Data centre

The current data centre in the Snellius building at the Niels Bohrweg is in need of an upgrade. You can find more information at: data centre.

Area development Leiden Bio Science Park

Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) is the largest knowledge centre in the Netherlands in the field of life sciences & health and is also highly regarded internationally. The clustering of high-quality education, research, care and business attract students, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world to Leiden, the 'city of knowledge'. Want to know more? Check out: area development Leiden Bio Science Park

Lecture Hall

The west side of the campus square is occupied by the Lecture Hall, known as ‘the dish’. This building houses the largest lecture halls of Leiden University, which welcome hundreds of students every day. Read more on: Gorlaeus Lecture Hall.

Gorlaeus Bicycle Storage

A part of the remaining steel construction of the Gorlaeus high rise building will form the basis of a new green bicycle storage. You can find more information at: Gorlaeus Bicycle Storage.

New sports and exam centre

The new sports centre will be a sustainable and circular building. It will be used as an examination location as well. Read more on: new sports and exam centre.

Schilperoort Park

Leiden University and the Municipality of Leiden worked together on the development of the Schilperoort Park. For more information, please see: Schilperoort Park.

Short stay living space in development

Leiden University is developing new short stay living space for foreign guests and employees. Want to know more? Check out: short stay living space in development.

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