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Leiden Register of Programmes

The Leiden Register of Programmes lists all degree programmes that the University offers. The Executive Board is responsible for these programmes. There are two sections to the Register. The first section comprises a framework document that describes the nature of the teaching at Leiden University and the quality requirements that it must meet. The second comprises a register of all accredited degree programmes at Leiden University.

Framework document

The framework document forms the basis for monitoring whether the degree programmes meet the requirements of quality assurance and the quality standards of Leiden University. It is reviewed if there is due cause to do so.


The register of all degree programmes (degree programmes, specialisations and minors) is established each year by the Executive Board. Faculties have to present their degree programmes to the College Board each year before March.

If you want to offer new programmes or modify the current curriculum, it must be submitted to the Faculty Board. Please contact the Faculty Education Office for more information. At the department of Academic Affairs you can contact Marjolein Boessenkool on this subject.

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