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Student well-being

Students can sometimes use a bit of extra help with their studies and personal development. Here you can read about how you as a lecturer, study adviser, mentor or other student-facing staff member can support students’ well-being.

Referral options

Under referral options you will find support providers within and outside the University that you can refer students to for well-being support.  

Unacceptable behaviour

Leiden University aims to create a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable and no one experiences unacceptable behaviour. Should students experience this nevertheless, there are various resources that you can refer them to.

Training and workshops for staff

Staff training and workshops are important for promoting the well-being of both students and staff at Leiden University. Here you will find just some of the courses on offer

Training and workshops for students

There are various training courses and workshops that can help improve student well-being. Here you will find an overview of the courses and workshops you can refer students to.  

Online self-help for students

There are also online self-help options for students. Leiden University is a member of the Caring Universities alliance, for instance. Caring Universities offers programmes that make it easy for students to work on their mental health. 

Bringing students together

Within and outside Leiden University there are various initiatives to bring students together. Connecting with the University and with one another directly contributes to students’ well-being.

Background information on student well-being

If you would like to find out more about student well-being, you will find interesting materials under background information on student well-being.

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