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Collaboration tools

The university offers a number of facilities for collaborating with colleagues within and outside the University. This may involve sharing information or collaborating on documents. Depending on your objective, you can choose from the following collaboration tools.


A workgroup is a joint folder on the network drive (usually the J-drive). The workgroup can be open for a special objective or to a special group, and will only be accessible to members of this group. It allows you to save documents and share them with colleagues from other departments. 

The workgroup is only accessible from a physical university workplace or via the Remote Werkplek. You can apply for a workgroup via ISSC.

Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you can collaborate with each other anywhere. You can chat, meet, call and collaborate and work on files together. Read more about collaboration in MS Teams.

Sharepoint team site

A team site allows you to share documents, post announcements, maintain task lists, and organize a discussion forum. 

A SharePoint team site can only be accessed outside the University with your ULCN account. You can apply for a Sharepoint team site via ISSC. The person who applies for the team site becomes the administrator and can add other participants himself. 


If you often work with people outside the University but in the field of higher education and research, you may find it useful to create a team site via EDU groups. Just as with SharePoint, this team site is also available outside the University workplace, but you do not need a ULCN account to access it. You can use your EDU group to share documents, jointly edit documents, maintain task lists or a calendar, and mail all team members at once. 

You can create a team site yourself via www.edugroepen.nl. You do not need support from ISSC for this.

Virtual Research Environments

A Virtual Research Environment (VRE) is a SharePoint team site specifically intended for collaborating researchers. As a researcher you can share all your documents and research data in an accessible manner with team members or colleagues from other universities. You can also use the VRE to jointly edit documents and make use of wikis, blogs, shared calendars and discussion lists. 

You can apply for a VRE via a subject specialist from the University Library. He or she will check with your whether your research project qualifies for a VRE and guide you through the process. For more information about VREs, see the website of the University Library.

Other collaboration tools

If you find another service for collaborating with colleagues in higher education than the ones listed here, you may be able to access this service via SURFconext. SURFconext provides access to more than 50 tools and supporting ICT services offered by other parties. You can access these services and tools with your ULCN account. If you use a specific service on a regular basis, you may be able to have this service included in SURFconext. For more information please contact your information manager.

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