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Education at Leiden University has a strong international focus. This increases the quality and employability of our graduates, and makes the university more attractive for both international and Dutch students.

International dimensions in programmes

Leiden University aspires to have an international dimension in all its programmes. This can mean, for example, curriculum that includes global problems or introducing new perspectives and comparative international research. It also includes education provided in part by international instructors, or those who have experience working or teaching abroad. In international classrooms students come in contact with language and culture differences, and we strive to make good use of the diversity of our student body.

Language policy

Students themselves provide the most significant international dimension to education at Leiden University. The university is consequently steadily increasing the number of English-language programmes and online offerings, in order to attract more talented international students. Currently 85 percent of Leiden’s Master’s programmes are English-language, and a growing number of internationally-focussed Bachelor programmes are taught in English as well. The university’s evolving language policy reflects this new reality.

Partnerships and study abroad

It is important that our students learn to think internationally and function with other cultures. A period abroad during their studies, whether on an internship, for studies or for research is a chance for students to broaden their horizen. A worldwide network of more than 600 universities and other partners provides Leiden students more than enough opportunities to study abroad. See Partners for more information on how to set up exchange agreements or for an overview of existing partnerships and Student and staff exchange for details on the practicalities of student and staff mobility.

Safety and crisis management

Students who travel across the globe for a component of their studies bring unique challenges with respect to safety and crisis management. Leiden regularly reviews its policies and procedures for improvement in this regard.

Funding opportunities

In order to facilitate students’ studies or internships abroad, the university’s Scholarships office administers several scholarship programmes for outbound students. Some, such as the Erasmus + programme, include funding for staff exchange as well. Additionally, Faculty members or programmes can take part in an EU application for Erasmus+ credit mobility subsidies with partners outside of Europe. Degree-seeking international students at Leiden University can explore scholarship opportunities offered by Leiden and other providers on our scholarships website.

Need help?

With so many international activities, for both outbound and inbound students and staff, there are many resources to help programmes and faculties reach their internationalization goals. International Relations advisors and related staff can provide advice and guidance. Faculty and staff can soon register to receive the International Relations newsletter to stay abreast of developments and important deadlines in international education at Leiden University. And, of course, International Relations advisers and related staff are happy to provide advice and guidance.

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