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Talent to the top

Leiden University wishes to attract and retain talented researchers, both male and female. This is not something that happens by itself, which is why we prioritise the theme of diversity.

Female talent should not be lost

The number of female researchers in the Netherlands has increased over the past twenty years, but in our opinion this is not yet sufficiently apparent among the top echelons of our own academic staff. The average national percentage of female professors is a little above 17%. With its 23%, Leiden University may score best among the large Dutch universities, but our aim is to reach a percentage of 27% by 2019. See the monitor at www.lnvh.nl.

Talent to the Top Charter

Since 2009 we have been affiliated with the 'Talent to the Top' Charter. A public commitment that demonstrates that we aim at a growing inflow, promotion and retention percentage of particularly female talent in top positions. 

Grant possibilities for female researchers

The University offers female researchers a number of regulations and grant possibilities to facilitate their academic career. 


For more information on this topic, please contact your Faculty’s personnel adviser or Monique Oomes, Policy Adviser at the HRM department.

Source: www.lnvh.nl
Source: Monitor Vrouwlijke Hoogleraren 2015, www.lnvh.nl
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