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Do you want access to your mailbox via your webmail? Do you need an extension of your e-mail storage space? Do you want to share a single e-mail address with a number of colleagues? Read about the possibilities of e-mail.

Log in to your e-mail

If you are working on your work computer, you can access your work mail via Outlook. If you are not at your workplace, you can access it with your ULCN account via Outlook.office.com (webmail).

Go to webmail

You can use the email signature tool to easily create a signature that meets Leiden University requirements. All university employees should use this tool to make a signature. Your email signature will look like this:

  • Do you want multiple colleagues to be reachable with a general address, but may messages arrive in your personal mailbox? Then apply for a distribution list via the helpdesk portal. Read more about distribution lists below.
  • When your shared mailbox is ready, learn how you can connect it to your Outlook.
  • Are you working from home? You can reach your shared mailbox through Outlook.office.com.

Do you frequently send e-mails to a group of people outside the university? Then you can apply for an e-mail distribution list.

  • The e-mail address of a distribution list appears in bold in your Outlook address list under the name of your faculty or unit. 
  • By sending an e-mail to this distribution list, you will be sending it to all the list members. 

It may be that some e-mails end up by accident in your spam filter, or on the contrary that you receive too much spam in your regular inbox. Find out the cause and how to fix it.

In addition to your work mail, at the start of your employment you are also issued with an uMail account. The university uses uMail to communicate with its students. In practice, as a staff member you will probably not use uMail much, because all communication takes place via your work mail. Your uMail is automatically forwarded to the inbox of your work mailbox.

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