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Complaints committees

If you have a complaint or if you experience problems at work, we hope you can find a solution in consultation with your supervisor or one of the confidential counsellors. If this is not the case or if there are other reasons preventing you from seeking help, you can also contact one of the committees below directly:

Committee on Academic Integrity

What should you do if you suspect an employee of violating academic integrity? In any case, contact the Committee on Academic Integrity.

Complaints Committee for Unacceptable Behaviour

Collegiality, mutual respect and attention for others form the basis for a healthy work environment. People may nevertheless fall victim to unacceptable behaviour. If this is the case, you can always contact the Complaints Committee for Unacceptable Behaviour.

Arbitration Committee

Staff members have the option of submitting certain kinds of employment-related decisions taken by their manager or the University to the Arbitration Committee.

Appeals and Objections Committee

What can you do if you disagree with a written or oral decision taken by Leiden University? You can lodge an appeal within six weeks with the Appeals and Objections Committee.

Examination Appeals Board

The Examination Appeals Board (CBE) is an independent Board, appointed in accordance with the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW). Students may file an appeal to the CBE.

Committee on Whistleblowing

The Committee on Whistleblowing investigates reports of proven and suspected malpractices and issues recommendations to the Executive Board. The Regulation on Reporting Malpractice contains more information on the precise procedure. The identity of the person filing a report will only be revealed with his or her explicit permission.

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