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The Programme Committees

Each degree programme has its own programme committee. This is a legal requirement. Students and lecturers sit on the programme committee. Together they monitor the quality of the teaching, flag up any problems and advise on the development and implementation of the teaching policy.

Duties of the programme committee

The programme committee has been assigned a number of duties by the legislator:

  • To issue advice on the Course and Examination Regulations (OER)
  • To conduct an annual assessment of the implementation of the OER.
  • To issue advice (on request or on its own initiative) to the programme board and dean on matters concerning the teaching in the programme.

Working method of the programme committee

The Higher Education and Academic Research Act (WHW) and the faculty regulations require that:

  • The programme board regularly meets the programme committee to discuss the programme.
  • The committee is given the opportunity to consult the board before issuing advice.
  • The board informs the committee in writing as soon as possible of which steps will be taken following advice issued by the committee.

Members of the programme committee

The members of all programme committees are listed in the University’s organisation guide.

Go to the University organisation guide


Do you have questions on the Programme Committee? Please contact your Faculty Education Office. At the deparment of Academic Affairs Kirsten Dibbet is responsible for the Programme Committee.

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