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Accessible Education

Studying with a disability often costs additional time and energy. Leiden University wants to do all it can to offer equal chances to students with a disability. What can you do to support a student with a disability?

A disability is a physical or mental disability or other long-term limitation. This could be, for example:

  • a visual, auditory or physical disability;
  • a learning disability (for example dyslexia);
  • a chronic or psychological illness.

Inclusive and accessible education

In the handreiking van het Expertisecentrum inclusief onderwijs (ECIO) (only available in Dutch), you can find practical tips for accessible and inclusive education. Topics include:

  1. Facilitating lectures
  2. Guiding educational groups
  3. Guiding students
  4. Assessing and reviewing

Remote education and exams

In the digital assessments manual, you can find information on different ways of conducting and invigilating remote examinations.

Accessible teaching materials

Use the manuals below to make your teaching materials more accessible:

How can you make your Word documents more accessible

How can you make your PowerPoint presentations more accessible

How to make your PDF documents more accessible

How to make your websites more accessible

How to make your emails more accessible

How to use captioning

Fenestra Disability Centre

Leiden University has a studying with a disability expertise centre, Fenestra Disability Centre. Here, students can get help and advice on following courses and taking exams, and requesting other facilities such as the use of lifts or audio-visual aids for following lectures. Staff can also advise lecturers and mentors who have specific questions about guiding students.

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