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Inclusive Teaching Subsidy

Would you like to develop a professionalization or innovation project within your own study programme that focuses on inclusive teaching practices? Or do you need material budget for a small scale project?

The Faculty of Humanities is happy to support you by offering funding for teaching relief, a student assistant or material costs. Applications can be submitted individually or by a group of lecturers.

For small projects, such as the purchase of new teaching materials or didactic resources in the context of diversity and inclusion, a request for material budget of up to €250 can be submitted via divers-inclusief@hum.leidenuniv.nl. Subsidy awarding is dependent on the available budget.

Teachers can request financial support to develop a professionalization and/or innovation project within the study programme aimed at inclusive didactics and/or inclusive curricula. Applications can be submitted individually or as a group. The applicant coordinates the professionalization and/or innovation project within the study programme. The project focuses on concrete actions, such as renewal of marketing material, participation in training courses on diversity, inclusion and student well-being, organization of an offsite, revision of syllabi, research into support needs of students etc.

Summary of provided support

  • Funding for the project is primarily focused on costs related to staffing (teaching relief and/or student assistant) for a period of max. 12 months. The applicant must provide a substantiation for the requested budget.
  • In addition to a contribution for staffing costs, O&K has financial resources available to hire external experts or trainers.
  • The applicant can call on support from various colleagues within O&K and OSZ.

Points of attention

  • The applicant (individual lecturer/group of lecturers) seeks to collaborate with colleagues within the programme, is prepared to inspire others and to develop themselves further. Involving students is recommended.
  • The applicant is appointed at the Faculty of Humanities during the duration of the project.
  • Participation in a professionalization and/or innovation project must be coordinated with the supervisor and director of education. Please enclose proof (e.g. email exchange) with your application. Cooperation of the programme board and the programme committee is a plus
  • Attention should be paid to the evaluation of the project and ways in which the acquired knowledge or experience can be shared more widely with the department, institute or faculty. In addition, a short reflection by the applicant and participants is part of the evaluation in the case of a professionalization project. 

Are you interested? Please send a concise description of your envisaged professionalization or innovation project (including budget) to Sanne Arens (s.arens@hum.leidenuniv.nl) and Aurelie van ‘t Slot (a.van.t.slot@hum.leidenuniv.nl) by the beginning of October. If teaching relief is requested, this can often only be arranged in the following academic year. Subsidy awarding depends on the available budget. 

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