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Administer an online examination without fraud – Victor Gijsbers

N=300, T=120, Proctoring: No, Remindo: Yes

Administering examination Scientific Philosophy online, with possibility to collaborate


Due to the corona-crisis the regularly scheduled examination for Scientific Philosophy was not able to take place on location. How, then, do you offer a multiple choice exam for hundreds of students online, without propagating all kinds of fraud?


The two most easily applicable forms of fraud for this kind of examination would be using the book/literature and the collaboration between students. You can of course try to discourage this somewhat by enforcing a time limit and randomising the question order, but I feel you do not solve the problem’s root issue. Instead, I decided to embrace the new situation. I changed up my exam to make it an open book examination, including fewer questions that contrary did delve deeper into the literature. I gave all the students the option to cooperate with up to 3 other students. Everyone filled in their own answers, but the students were allowed to make groups and collaborate only with those 3 other students. I asked the students to specify on their exam form which students they cooperated with.

The advantage

The prevention of fraud. Students came into contact with the taught materials in an educative manner once more, by discussing the literature. The questions can be deeper and more interpretative. The resulting grades were not any much different compared to other years.


You most certainly have to think extensively over the questions you ask. Anything a student is able to look up within a minute, is no well thought-out question – they need to show some insight.


I was inspired by the video Flipping the Class Exams by Frans-Willem Korsten.

Victor Gijsbers 


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