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Research in times of corona

In these strange times, our health and safety is paramount. We have suddenly found ourselves working in very different circumstances, and this requires flexibility and the ability to adapt and come up with creative solutions. We understand, however, that problems may arise with ongoing research and that even relatively small changes may not be possible for everyone.

Sometimes it is also a question of finding out what we now expect of one another. We have to accept that we and others may not always be able to work as efficiently as we did in the past. The new situation poses many practical questions, about matters such as research funding and the continuity of research projects. We want to help our researchers by providing guidance and eliminating as much uncertainty as possible.

On this page, we therefore provide the latest information for researchers about support, access to research facilities and changes to research grant procedures, and try to answer other frequently asked questions. We also ensure that the information provided here is updated as and when necessary.

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