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Leiden University innovates in various ways. From rewarding top teachers to connecting the education more with the job market.

Projects about innovation

View the projects in the field of innovation:

  • Comenius programme: scholarships for innovators in education.
  • CROHO: improves the quality of education with innovation projects.
  • Teachers' Academy: reward for top teachers.
  • Diversity: projects to give more attention to the diversity of people within the university.
  • Erasmus+: scholarships for international cooperation.

Honours education as a testing ground

The Honours Academy acts as a testing ground for educational innovation. Lecturers can experiment with new forms of education on a small scale, for example by first testing a course as an Honours Class. This offers lecturers valuable lessons for when they are applying for grants or developing their regular curriculum.

If you have any questions or ideas about experimenting with education within the Honours Academy, please contact Eline Bergijk.

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