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LCN2 Seminar February 2023

Friday 24 February 2023
Room 312

58th LCN2 seminar

Speaker:  Luca Avena (Mathematical Institute, Leiden University)

Title: A network randomized k-centrality measure & applications to node immunization


Have you ever thought how you can “immunize" a network from an attack of a viral agent? This is a hot topic in network science and it consists in identifying and removing a set of nodes of a given size in a graph to maximally impede the virus spread. Based on the stability analysis of so-called compartmental models (classical simple models for contagion which will be briefly recalled and discussed), the maximal eigenvalue of the adjacency matrix of the graph has been proposed as a measure for how much resilient the network is. Thus, one of the most common approaches for immunization consists in identifying the set of nodes of a given cardinality, for which the reduced network (obtained by removing these nodes and their incident edges) has smallest maximal eigenvalue. The question is, how can we efficiently identify such a set of nodes?
We present a new flexible algorithm based on random walks which may also have applications in other network optimization problems.

Joint work with Michael Emmerich, Alex Gaudilliere and Irina Gurewitsch.

Afterwards there will be drinks in the Foobar.

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