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New staff

Are you about to start your new job at Leiden University? Or did you just start? Below we have summarised the most important information for new employees.

Get to know Leiden University

The online module for new employees gives you an overview of the ins and outs of the university. Within this introduction programme you can find everything from practical matters to the organisational structure and core values of the university. There is also a special module for starting managers.

Introduction programme new employees

Introduction programme starting managers

Good to know

  1. The staff members site is where you’ll find staff information such as IT services and your terms of employment. The site is largely public but a small section is closed to the outside world. Click on the ‘Login’ button at the top right to gain access to this. An added advantage: if you log in, you’ll also see extra information from your faculty or department.
  2. You can claim expenses and arrange other personnel matters in Self Service.
  3. Your LU-Card gives you access to certain buildings and car parks.
  4. During the introductory meeting you will get to know the university and colleagues who, like you, have recently started at the university.
  5. Set up your workspace. If you need special furniture or specific equipment, read how to request this here.

A beginner's guide to Dutch academia

Want to know more about Dutch academia? Download the beginner's guide to Dutch academia. The guide is an introduction to Dutch research and higher education for researchers and instructors who are unfamiliar with the Dutch academic setting. It explains how Dutch academia relates to Dutch politics and society, what the research and teaching culture is like, and how the funding system and academic protocol are structured.

University Leiden platforms

Within the university, we use several platforms to arrange personnel and financial administration. Watch the video below to learn more about these systems.

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