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New migrant deal no guarantee for success

How feasible is the new migration deal and is it really the breakthrough politicians like Mark Rutte claim it to be? Dutch television programme Nieuwsuur asked various experts, including Mark Klaassen, for an answer to that question.

Don Ceder of the Dutch Christian Union party and Ruben Breukelmans of Dutch liberal party VVD were invited to appear as guests on Nieuwsuur to debate the migrant deal. In between the debate, Nieuwsuur showed video clips of various experts giving their opinion on the subject. These included Mark Klaasen, Assistant Professor at the Europa Institute.

'The reception conditions in those centres must meet certain standards. Greece has already been convicted several times by the ECHR [European Court of Human Rights] because they failed to meet those standards. And that resulted in inhumane treatment. So, the question is whether, when you create new centres, you can guarantee that people’ll be treated correctly.'

In addition, he pointed out that 'if the system in those centres is very repressive and the chance of getting asylum is perceived as very small' asylum seekers will find other ways to enter Europe anyway.

More information

The entire clip (in Dutch) can be found on the website of Nieuwsuur.

You can also read Mark Klaassen's blog on asylum law on the Leiden Law Blog.

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