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What if superbugs were as tall as buildings?

In Sci-Fi comic book Resist NOW!, wondrous adventures will illustrate possibilities to combat antimicrobial resistance. But the comic book will only be produced if enough money is raised to make the project into reality.

‘People generally know that some microbes have changed over time and no longer respond to medicines. This may be a big problem in the near future,’ Nicola Wade says. She is currently doing her PhD on finding new antibiotics and is very excited about the project. ‘These stories will show in a fun way that researchers do a lot of studies to fight these superbugs, so it is not all doom and gloom.’
With the comic Resist NOW!, seven different short stories will fantastically portray solutions to antimicrobial resistance. However, before the comic can become a reality, the team has started a kickstarter to raise funds to facilitate this project of science communication on a whole new level. 

‘Crazy idea, crazy execution: Let’s do a kickstarter’

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Resistance if futile

All seven stories are created by an equal number of research groups and artists. As a result, the science behind the research is accurately depicted – though in an imaginary way – through the individual style of each artist.

Concept art of Lizah van der Aart

Wade's story takes place in space and will work together with the creator of the project Lizah van der Aart. ‘A rocket ship is attacked by aliens representing antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By firing different combinations of molecules at them, the space travellers defend and attack against these evil enemies’, Wade explains. ‘That is essentially what we do in the chemistry lab. We try to find new antibiotics by creating molecules that the superbugs can't handle.’

Coming in July

Contributing to the project is possible until 9 December. Sponsors also may choose to receive a gift, ranging from A5 art prints to several copies of the Resist NOW! comic. If the project continues, the goal is to produce the comic by July 2022. Then, the comic can be purchased online or in small comic book stores.  

On the kickstarter website, more information about the aim, use of the funds and backer rewards can be found. Additionally, for every story a short summery and a sneak-peak of first sketches are shared.

Resist NOW!
Concept art of Nicky Williams for the story Guardians
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