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Active Learning Classrooms

Want to actively engage students during your lecture or tutorial? Book an Active Learning Classroom! Below you will find an overview of all ALC's of the faculty, including photo's and descriptions of their furnishings . 

Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) are dynamic spaces designed to enhance student engagement, collaboration, and learning.  

Benefits of an Active Learning Classroom

  • Flexible furniture: ALCs are equipped with chairs on wheels and movable tables, allowing to easily switch between plenary instruction mode and group mode. This setup encourages small-group work, giving peer feedback and brainstorming. All groups have their own whiteboards to share ideas and work out collaborative assignments.
  • Effective Learning: Active learning instruction—where students actively participate rather than passively listen—is more effective than traditional lecturing. ALCs facilitate this shift, students will be more engaged, leading to greater student success.

Book your Active Learning Classroom for next academic year

Would you like to teach in an ALC next academic year (2024-2025)?  Please inform your education coordinator before 1 March 2024. The education coordinator will book the rooms for the upcoming year in March and will then select the label 'active learning' in the booking system (TermTime), after which the ALC will be booked, if available.


  • Clearly indicate that you would like to use the ALC for the entire semester.
  • Do you teach multiple tutorials? Then indicate that you would like to use an ALC for all these tutorials.

Preparation support

Would you like tips and advice on using an ALC and/or implementing activating learning strategies? Join the lunchbyte Active Teaching in an ALC or contact ecole@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Overview of all Active Learning Classrooms

A 24 person classroom on the ground floor of PJ Veth building. 

  • Flexible furniture.
  • Chairs on wheels.
  • Tables are interlocking, supporting multiple arrangements (U-shape or 4 groups of 6).
  • 4 fixed whiteboards to support group work.
  • A smartboard TV monitor.

A 24 person classroom on the 2nd floor of Lipsius building.

  • Easily movable tables that can be set up in an U-shape or in 6 groups of 4.
  • Chairs on wheels.
  • 6 whiteboads (fixed).
  • Fixed monitor.
  • An extra rolling, wired TV-monitor can be used to display student devices (via HDMI).
    NB: This monitor is located in the utility room of  classroom 2.17. You can pick up the key to the utility room at the Lipsius reception desk.

Arsenaal B005 and B007 are 24 person classrooms.

  • Easily movable tables that can be set up in an U-shape or in 6 groups of 4.
  • Chairs on wheels.
  • 6 whiteboads (fixed).
  • Fixed monitor.
  • Outside patio linked to the room, that can be used for group work.

A 24 person classroom

  • 4 Circular tables hold up to 6 people.
  • 3 separate projection points which can be cast using a wireless USB dongle and desktop application.
  • 2 fixed whiteboards.

A large, 50 person space with multiple working zones.

  • Chairs are on wheels.
  • Multiple movable whiteboards which allow group working in various sizes.
  • Windows and tables are additional writing surfaces.
  • A traditional presentation space with a podium and collapsible presentation screen.
  • 4 projection points which allow different wireless casting (Clickshare).
  • Screens can slide to make space for the writable windows.
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