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Welcome to the website for teachers of the faculty of Humanities. Keep an eye on this page for updates on teaching at the FoH. In the menu on the left you will find information and tips regarding the development and/or improvement of your (online) education.

Note: this page is an addition to the university teaching support site

Update from the Vice Deans

On 21 January these guidelines were sent to all staff

Dear colleagues,
Now that new corona restrictions were introduced, we would like to bring several education-related topics to your attention.

(1) Recent guidelines

On the corona website of the university you can find the new guidelines with regard to corona as of 26 November 2021. The main guidelines are:

  •  The University will remain open for teaching. You do not have to maintain 1.5m distance within university buildings, but you are advised to keep your distance where possible and to avoid busy areas. Please be considerate of others. The Executive Board would once again like to stress the importance for the well-being of our students of on campus teaching, and the opportunity to meet up and work together.
  • The maximum group size is 75 people. You can stream large lectures (or provide the webecture). Please also organize a Q&A session.
  • Face masks are compulsory inside University buildings. Lecturers may ask their students to wear a face mask during a lecture or tutorial.
  • Apart from teaching classes, we work from home.

(2) Teaching on campus

We receive messages from colleagues who are concerned about teaching on campus, given the increasingly serious covid situation and want to teach online. We understand the dilemma of the teaching staff: the covid situations worsens, yet the universities remain open. It is important that we continue to talk to one another about these concerns and look for the best ways to implement the measures.

We very much appreciate the university remaining open and hope that as many classes as possible will take place on campus. The university will continue to monitor the situation closely and will make adjustments if and when necessary.
We think that teaching activities can still be carried out in a safe manner. You can ask your students to wear a facemask, and you can ask them whether they have taken a self-test if they display signs of having a cold. You can ask them to leave if they have not done so. You do not have to maintain 1.5m distance within University buildings, but you are advised to keep your distance where possible, and to avoid busy areas. Please be considerate of others.
If you still feel not confident or safe in the teaching situation, you can switch to on line teaching. You have to inform your supervisor, the programme director, and the vice deans, because we need to keep track of the number of courses that are on line. If pre-recorded knowledge clips are used, these must be accompanied by Q&A-sessions.

So: first discuss the possible safety measures that can be taken by teaching staff in class. If this does not help to reduce fears, then we respect these concerns and agree with teaching going on line.

(3) Examinations

Examinations can probably be held in groups larger than 75, but check the websites the coming weeks for new updates.
The main rule is still: despite Covid-19 measures we guarantee that every student has two opportunities to take an exam in the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022

There are various options:

a. An exam on campus, with possibly an additional examination opportunity for students who have missed the exam due to Covid-19 measures. Students who miss an examination opportunity due to Covid-19 measures do need to report their absence to the lecturer before the examination in question.

b. In order to prevent that offering additional examination opportunities increases the workload of lecturers, there is also the option of fully online examination or hybrid examination. See this page.

c. An online exam can be in Brightspace (for example ‘open book’ exams), in Remindo, or in Remindo with proctoring. An exam with proctoring is only possible if there is no other way of safely examining the learning achievements. Please ask the vice deans permission to apply proctoring.
In case of emergency, the method of examination can be changed by the lecturer no later than five working days before the examination (for example from on-campus to online via Brightspace). The term for such emergencies has been included in the new model for the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Examiners. In such cases, the lecturer informs the Programme Board, coordinator of studies and education administration office.

If you choose to organise online examination in Remindo, you must always inform ECOLe no later than twenty working days in advance. Only in case of emergency, it can be discussed with ECOLe whether the online examination can be organised within a shorter period of time. In such cases, ECOLe will assess whether this is feasible. Online proctoring is used as a last resort, after all other alternative forms of examination (for example, open book examination via Brightspace) have been considered.

(4) Other information

Sports facilities: The University Sports Centre (USC) and Plexus in Leiden and Beehive in The Hague will be closed for sports activities after 17:00 hrs.

Catering facilities: The restaurant and catering facilities in University buildings will be closed after 17:00 hrs.

Opening hours of the university buildings, apart from sports and catering, have not changed until further notice.

Basic rules: We strongly urge everyone to follow the basic rules from the Corona Check and the Campus Protocol:

  • Work from home where possible.
  • Get tested quickly if you have symptoms.
  • Do the Corona Check before you come to the University
  • Socially distance by 1.5m if and when you can.
  • Do a self-test (lateral flow) twice a week, even if you don’t have any symptoms. You can order them free
  • Our advice is: get vaccinated.

Recent university-level information can be found on the university website Coronavirus Updates and on FGW Blended.

With kind regards,
on behalf of the Faculty Board,

Mirjam de Baar and Jeroen Touwen
Vice Deans of the Faculty of Humanities

Do you need help?

Send an email to ECOLe.


Do you have a didactic question?

Send an email to Educational Advice and Quality Assurance (O&K).

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