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Coaching and intervision

The faculty offers lecturers individual support and intervision.

Education coaches and intervision

The two education coaches are Olga van Marion and Astrid van Weyenberg. They help beginning lecturers who need to acquire their Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs (BKO) with one-on-one conversations. In addition, they are sparring partners for more experienced lecturers who are looking to improve their skills. They also offer intervision in peer groups.

Support BKO

Lecturers who need to acquire their Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs (BKO) can receive support through help with writing their portfolio, and through the observation of their classes/seminars. The goal is to help lecturers reach their full potential. 

Group intervision

During intervision, pedagogical cases, which are brought up by participants based on their own teaching, are discussed. Together, multiple solutions surrounding themes such as: “how do I encourage my students to actively participate?” or “how do I deal with students who do not prepare for classes?” are explored.

A participant’s reaction

'The engaging part is that everybody in the intervision group actively participates, which often leads to surprising new insights and concrete tips. Since the intervision groups consist of lecturers from different backgrounds, who offer education at a lot of different study programmes, there is a lot of variation in the discussed themes.'

Read an interview with the two coaches: A quick call with the education coaches: ‘Teachers could learn so much from each other’

Want to join?

You can participate in one of the intervision groups, that meet on campus twice per semester, on Tuesday and Thursday from 15.15-17.15 (drinks after!). After each intervision, we discuss specific themes. Please note that the success of the intervision depends entirely on the dynamic (and presence!) of the group. By registering for one of the groups, you commit to it, which means that you are expected to attend all four meetings. You can register for one of the intervision groups online (NB: we aim for groups of a similar size).

Lecturers who are interested in coaching and lecture observations can contact Olga van Marion or Astrid van Weyenberg, who both work as lecturers and education coaches at the faculty of Humanities.

Are you interested in general didactic tips or do you want to expand your repertoire of didactic skills? Contact the O&K education advisor Annebeth Simonsz at oenk@hum.leidenuniv.nl

Click here for more information on the intervision group diversity
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