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Flipping the classroom

To flip your teaching means that you switch up instructions and homework: instructions are offered online. There are many ways to achieve this: use a video, a podcast, a quiz.

The students use these to prepare for lectures, so that you can actively get to work with the course materials during class, such as through a discussion, question sessions, an assignment that student have to work on together, etc. Through using digital tools and knowledge clips, also see Teaching tools and Weblectures, you can enrich your teaching outside the classroom as well. You ensure class materials are appealing, personalised and interactive, making optimal use of contact hours. 

ECOLe tip 

In the past semester(s) you may have recorded lectures. You could use these to ‘flip’ your course.  

ECOLe can advise you on how to apply the flipped classroom method. Do contact ECOLe if you have any questions at ecole@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Lunchbyte Flipping the Classroom

How do you adapt your teaching to an online environment? In this video Frans Willem Korsten explains what is means ‘to flip your class’.

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