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Blended learning

Try to find the right ‘blend’ for your own teaching practice in this training module.

Target group
Anthea Aerts  (Educational Advisor)

‘Blending’ your education does not mean digitizing your course or ‘giving students what they want’. Blending your education means that every learning activity, both at home and on campus, enhances the students’ learning experience in line with your (learning) objectives and assessment method(s).

In this training module you will try to find the right ‘blend’ for your own teaching practice. You can focus on one session or an entire course that you will (re)design in a meaningful and engaging way.

This training module is offered in English in The Hague.

Programme set-up

This training module exists of two sessions of two hours and an (optional) individual consultation meeting.

In the first session we will discuss the various options available for blending your education and start with an initial design, between the two sessions you will work on your design and have an option for individual consultation with the trainer about your (re)design, and in the final meeting you will pitch your blended design, receive (peer) feedback and discuss possible challenges and solutions.

Learning objectives

  • Apply the principles of a blended learning model to your own teaching practice.
  • Explain the cognitive overload principle and how this principle applies to a blended design.
  • List strategies to engage students in the learning process during the remote activities of the blended design.
  • List the licensed digital tools available within Leiden University that may align with your learning objectives and enrich your blended design.

Study load

2 hours assignment + 2 hours session + 1 hour optional consultation.


This course is free for FGGA staff members. For other Leiden University/LUMC staff and teachers from Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft the lower amount (€125) applies, for other participants it is the higher amount (€175).

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