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Enabling students to work together safely

When students work (together) on assignments for a course, they often choose their own programme to do so (e.g. Google Docs, Whatsapp). These programmes do not always handle (sensitive) personal data securely and are therefore not 'GDPR-proof'. 

The reason this happens is because not all students know they can use Office 365 programmes for free. Or this happens out of convenience because they like working with programmes they already know and/or because it is unclear how to log into Office 365.  

Does your course include (collaborative) assignments? Then make sure students can work and collaborate online safely. You can post the information below on Brightspace for this purpose:  

  •  You can use Office 365 for this assignment. With your student account (s+studentnumber@vuw.leidenuniv.nl), you will have free access to programmes such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel and One Note.   
  •  Do you want to collaborate with your fellow students? Then make use of Teams. With Teams, you can chat, collaborate on documents and make (video) calls.  
  •  You can easily store and share your files via OneDrive.  
  •  You can log in to Office 365 with your student account and multi factor authentication (MFA). Follow these instructions to log in to Office 365 with MFA and to use all the programmes mentioned above.  
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