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Educational Support

SOLO helps lecturers to use ICT in education. We offer practical support and advice.

Our services include

  • Advice on the use of ICT in education  
  • Hands-on support for livestreams & weblectures  
  • Help with educational innovations  
  • Manuals, inspiration, tips & tricks  
  • Workshops and training 
  • Lending of AV equipment (microphones, webcams, etc.) 

More about our help with

Record or live stream a lecture? Use the Weblectures & livestreams application form.

SOLO lends out various types of equipment such as camcorders, webcams and USB microphones. These can be reserved via the Reservations tile in the Helpdesk portal.

In our AV studio in 1B16 you can record video's and podcasts. Contact SOLO for more information, for example, about space availability and about SOLO's support in the preparing, recording and editing of projects.

Want to edit video, photo and audio material with Adobe Creative Cloud apps? You can use the computers in editing room 1A45. More information and reservation. Read more and reserve a computer.

Brightspace is the digital learning environment of Leiden University. SOLO supports the use of Brightspace and linked tools by means of:

  • advice
  • workshops
  • live-support

Who to contact at your institute

If you have questions about the use of ICT in education, you can always contact SOLO. In addition, each institute offers a contact point for extra support for online and hybrid education. You may find it useful to approach these colleagues with your question first, as they know the context and needs of the institute best. They can articulate your questions further or bundle and forward them to SOLO.

CA-OS Andrew Littlejohn
Educational and Child Studies ictsteunpeda@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
Political Sciences Thomas Scarff
Psychology psyblend@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
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