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Other facilities

To do your job well, it is important to have essential facilities at your disposal. Various facilities are available in and around the Sylvius building for you to use.

Food and drinks

The Sylvius building's restaurant is open from Monday to Friday between 11:30 and 14:00. Several vending machines are also available in the building for coffee and snacks.

A microwave oven is available in the common room (room 2.4.23)

ICT facilities

A printer is available on the second floor; you will find it between the stairs and the lift.

You can use flexible workstations, which are located on the second floor, at the back of building 4, in room 2.4.09.

lockers in the sylvius building

Other facilities in the building

Lockers are available in two areas on the second floor. Lockers can be opened and closed anonymously with a self-selected PIN code. Exact instructions are posted on the lockers.

A nursing mother's room is available in room 0.4.11 (ground floor, opposite the lifts). Access can be requested via the servicedesk.

There is also a quiet room or prayer room, on the first floor in room 1.5.25b.

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