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Course information on location

Who better to tell what it is like to study at Leiden University than the students themselves? That’s why we ask students if they would be willing to visit schools to share their experience.

If a school wants a programme presentation about a specific bachelor's programme or they organise an information fair, where our stand would be of value, we are of course happy to participate. 

Student Ambassadors

Almost all bachelor’s programmes have a student ambassador who shares information at schools and during information activities. These ambassadors lead a student information team within their programme/faculty, with the team members being appointed in consultation with the programme’s information officer.

Programme presentation

During this information session, one of the programme’s students will give a presentation about the content and structure of their study programme in which they will also include own experiences. A presentation is available for all our bachelor's programmes.

General presentation

During this information session, a student gives a general presentation about studying at Leiden University. During this presentation the various studies of Leiden University are discussed. And the prospective students are given an idea of ​​what studying actually is. This presentation is also interesting for parents.

Check out these tips for a good presentation.

Information Fair

Students can attend information fairs at schools with information material. Here they explain the publications and answer questions from pupils and/or their parent. The students provide information about their programme and share their experiences.  

School visits 

The timetable of school visits for 2023-2024 (in Dutch) shows when school visits are scheduled. Log in using the details in your ambassador folder or request this information via schoolbezoek@bb.leidenuniv.nl.  

Make sure to provide the name, phone number and email address of the student representative to schoolbezoek@bb.leidenuniv.nl no later than two weeks before the activity. Then we can send all the practical information in time to the student representative, including the date and time of when the information materials can be collected

Evaluating school visits

We are always trying to improve the quality of our information activities. Therefore, we would the student representative to fill out a short questionnaire after each school visit. They can do this when they bring the information materials back to Rapenburg 70.

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