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ICT in computer rooms

All faculties offer computer rooms for teaching and/or independent study purposes. The University Library also provides study stations with (or without) computer and a group instruction room.

Computers in the Faculty computer rooms are equipped with standard software for office applications such as Microsoft Office and the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome web browsers. 

Additional Faculty software

Computers in Faculty computer rooms are also equipped with software that supports the Faculty’s teaching. Each faculty’s ICT service asks lecturers on a regular basis which additional software they need to teach, and in collaboration with ISSC makes sure that this software is available in good time. It is not possible to install software yourself on the student work stations. 

Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire University, and therefore also in the computer rooms. 


Where can I find the house rules?

You can consult the house rules online.

How can I log in to the computers in the computer rooms?

You do not need to log in to use the computers in the computer rooms. Launching the computer will give you access to programmes such as PowerPoint, Word and various browsers. Every lecture room is also equipped with VLC Media Player.

Where can I report problems with computers in the lecture rooms?

Please report any problems with computers in the lecture rooms to ISSC Help Desk (Lipsius, ground floor, next to the Service Desk).

Should I apply for a guest account for guest lecturers, symposiums and conferences?

No, that is not necessary. 
Since you do not need to log in to access the computers, there is no need to apply for a guest account for guest lecturers or guest speakers at conferences, etc.
However, conference or summer school participants may apply for a day code to use their own device to connect to the Leiden University wireless network.
These WIFI tickets are available at the ISSC Helpdesk in the Lipsius building.

Can I open documents on my personal, departmental or workgroup drive?

Yes, you can, via remotewp. Every lecture hall PC has a ‘Remote workplace’ icon on its desktop.

Can I play audio or video files in the lecture halls?

Every lecture hall PC is equipped with Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player. These allow you to play nearly audio and video formats. 
Note: If you wish to use audio or video in the lecture halls, please check beforehand in the lecture hall whether your file can really be played, even if you have no trouble playing it at your own workplace!

What software is available in the lecture halls?

The lecture and seminar rooms are equipped with a limited set of software.
You can make use of the such programmes as those listed belowfollowing, among others: 

  • Chrome, Internet Explorer
  • Office 2010
  • VLC Media Player

Can I have software installed on a PC just for one lecture?

No, that is not possible.

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