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Long-term savings option

The long-term savings option enables you to save some of your vacation hours for long-term vacation such as a sabbatical.

Long-term savings option form

Register for the long-term savings option through the Serviceplein.


Over a period of 3, 4 or 5 years you may save, next to a maximum of 76 vacation hours (bought through the Individual Choices Model), 72 hours of compensation hours each year for an uninterrupted, long-term period of vacation. You must take the saved vacation no later than a year after the saving period. During the vacation, you receive your regular salary and continue to accrue vacation hours. You may only participate in the long-term savings option if you retain the statutory minimum of four weeks’ holiday per year. If you have a function-based contract, you cannot participate in the long-term savings option. For more information on the long-term savings option you can consult this Knowledge item

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