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Compulsory identification

The Compulsory Identification Act (WID) stipulates that employers must establish the identity of employees when they enter their employment. This also applies for employment agency staff and interns. When you start work at the University, you therefore have to show a valid identity document. A copy of your identity document will be kept by the salary administration.

When you first start work, a driving licence is not sufficient for identification, because it says nothing about your nationality and residence status.

Whenever you are at work, you must always be able to show a valid identity document to anyone who is authorised to request this. In this situation, a Dutch or European driving licence will be accepted as a valid means of identification. A list is given below of other identity documents that you can show in this situation:

Valid identity documents

  • Valid Dutch national passport or Dutch identity card (NIK)
  • Refugee passport or alien’s passport
  • Diplomatic passport or service passport
  • Valid passport or valid European identity card of one of the EEA countries
  • Valid passport of a country outside the EEA that has a valid residence endorsement sticker
  • Valid residence documents for aliens, namely:
    • document I (temporary residence permit, regular)
    • document II (permanent residence permit, regular)
    • document III (temporary residence permit, asylum)
    • document IV (permanent residence permit, asylum)
    • EU/EEA document (residence document for aliens from the EEA and their family members)
  • W-document (document for asylum seekers)
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