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Microsoft Windows and Office

The university is in the process of installing Windows 10 and Office 2016 on all PCs that currently operate with Windows 7. This needs to be completed by January 2020. Your ICT contact will inform you when your faculty or institute is scheduled for the upgrade.

You will find Microsoft Office in the basic software package on your PC. Office gives you access to applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Office 2016 is the standard once Windows 10 has been installed. If your work station still has Windows 7, it will probably have Office 2010, but you can opt to install Office 2016 if you so wish.

Windows 10

Is your workplace about to be upgraded to Windows 10? Then there are several manuals available to help you prepare for the change:

  • Practical tips and necessary checks which only you can carry out, such as registering your personal settings, are outlined in the manual Preparing for the Windows 10 upgrade. 
  • When you log in for the first time, the manual Getting started with Windows 10 describes how to easily access your emails, connect your preferred printer, and install additional software.
  • In the FAQs, you will find answers to the most common questions about Windows 10. You will also learn more about what’s new in Windows 10, such as the new ‘start’ menu. 

Office 2016

Do you use Office 2010? To install the latest version of Office:

  1. Close all Office applications, including Outlook.
  2. Click Windows start button and type Software Center
  3. Select Software Center
  4. Select Microsoft Office 2016 from the list and click Install.
  5. The installation will run in the background and takes about 45 minutes. You will be asked to log in again halfway through.
  6. If the installation fails, please try again later.

Installation tip: start the installation at the end of your working day. In that case, don't switch off your PC. It will shut down automatically at night.

Once you have installed Office 2016, you will not be able to return to an older version. 

Want to try it first?

You can take a look at Microsoft Office 2016 through the Remote Workspace. Here you will find the old and new versions of Microsoft Office. If you work with a lot of Office documents, spreadsheets or databases that contain macros or Visual Basic code, it might be a good idea to go to the Remote Workspace to see if these still work in Office 2016.

New in Office 2016

Alongside a sleeker look and feel, you can expect the following in Office 2016:

  • Improved help through ‘tell me what you want to do’
  • New charts in Excel
  • Direct screen capture in PowerPoint
  • Faster attachments in Outlook
  • Better prediction based on a time series in Excel
  • Geographical visualisation with 3D maps in Excel
  • And much more

See our overview for more information.


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