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Managing group work

Higher education students often work in small groups on a project, such as a paper or a solution for a societal or technical problem. Sometimes, these groups do not function optimally; for example, conflicts arise or students freeride. In this workshop, participants learn how to support and structure group work to in such a way that students cooperate effectively.

Target group
Arjen de Vetten  (Researcher)
Training course

Programme - setup

The starting point of the workshop are the problems in group work that the participants themselves have encountered. These problems will be analyzed using group dynamics theory in order to find possible causes of the problems.

Concrete suggestions will be offered to help participants to improve the process of group work within their courses. During the workshop the participants will work on the redesign of the setup of their course’s group work, so that at the end of the workshop they have a redesigned setup of the group work.

This workshop is well-suited for teams of teachers.

Learning objectives

  • Identify and analyze group work problems, and explain possible origins of the problems;
  • Design learning objectives and learning activities that support students in group work;
  • Redesign the setup of group work in such a way that group work related learning objectives can be obtained.


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  • Remmerswaal, J. (2015). Group dynamics: An introduction. Amsterdam: Boom/Nelissen.


  • For Leiden University/LUMC staff and teachers from Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft: €137,5
  • For other participants: €192,50
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