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Cypriot Ambassador visits Faculty of Archaeology

The Faculty of Archaeology was honored by a visit by the Ambassador the Republic of Cyprus. Ambassador Frances-Galatia Lanitou Williams had heard of the Faculty's research projects that currently take place in Cyprus and wanted to learn more about the archaeological activities.

Archaeological projects on Cyprus

The Cypriot delegation consisted of the ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus, Frances-Galatia Lanitou Williams, and Ms Vassiliki Sklavou, academic and cultural officer at the embassy. They visited the Faculty of Archaeology on April 1st 2022. The delegation was interested in hearing more about archaeological work that is being undertaken on Cyprus by our staff, wanted to meet the Faculty Board and see our facilities.

They were received with a general introduction about the Faculty of Archaeology by the dean, Jan Kolen. Subsequently, Bleda Düring presented on the Chlorakas-Palloures excavations, and Maria Hadjigavriel on her PhD research. The ambassador was greatly interested in our work and our Faculty of Archaeology.

We discussed possibilities for further collaboration, and we visited the Palloures photo exhibit and a number of the laboratories (zooarchaeology, material culture and archaeobotany).

We will continue to keep in touch with the ambassador and keep her updated about our work.

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