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Visual material on the website

Good professional quality images that match your topic: images draw both attention to your page and strengthen its content. Bad images have the opposite effect. This is why we have listed a few tips below.

University image database

The University image database contains high quality visual material and is accessible to all University employees. More information about the University image database (Dutch only).

Selecting the right image

Select images that match the content of your web page and the University’s identity. Opt for colour images. We do not use black and white photographs on our website, with the exception of artistic and historical photographic material.

Need a photograph?

If you are looking for a photograph, you should always first consult the University image database (Dutch only). If you do not find anything suitable there, you can purchase a stock photograph via the Strategic Communication and Marketing department. Please contact communicatie@leidenuniv.nl for more information. You can also commission a photograph. Photo & Digital offers services from professional photographers and other professionals.

If you are unable to find or create a suitable photograph, you can always opt for text without a photograph.

Image copyright

Internet images are subject to limitations and cannot be used freely. The person who creates a photograph or illustration nearly always has copyright (Dutch only). In addition, when publishing a photo you should always mention the name of the photographer. 

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