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Radiation and magnets

Are you planning to use radioactive substances or X-ray equipment for your work? If so, you need to be aware of ways to prevent ionising radiation. This is why we require you to complete a radiological workers course.

Working with radioactive substances

Leiden University and the LUMC have a (complex) licence for the use of radioactive substances and/or equipment that radiates ionising radiation.

Within the University, monitoring of the use of radioactive substances and X-ray equipment falls under the responsibility of the Radiation Protection Unit (RPU/SBE). The Radiation Protection Unit consists of radiation experts from HSE and AMD.

Radiological workers course

Local radiation experts play an important role at the Faculty of Science. If you plan to work with radioactive substances and/or X-ray equipment, you can contact them to register for the radiological workers course (radiation protection level 5B).

You can contact René Huinen, General Coordinator / Radiation Expert at Leiden University and the LUMC at 071 527 3253 or the Health and Safety Department (AMD) of the Faculty of Science.

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