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Science Skills Platform

The Science Skills Platform is available in Brightspace for all staff and students at the Faculty of Science. On the platform, students can practice skills they encounter during their studies whenever and where they want. Teachers can integrate the modules of the platform in their courses to provide additional support to their students.

Aim and set-up

With the help of the Science Skills Platform, students can practise a wide range of skills. How do you write a scientific article? How do you give peer feedback? How do you pitch a research project? How do you collaborate (online)? The answers to these and many more questions can be found in the different modules and chapters on the platform. Each chapter contains learning objectives, some background information, a step-by-step plan and a checklist to see if you have covered everything.

The platform is funded by the Faculty Science and the Leiden Teachers' Academy. It was developed by the skills team consisting of Wybrigje de Vries, Lisann Brincker and Marjo de Graauw.

Through the Science Skills Platform, you can offer your students extra skills support. This leaves you more time to focus on the content of the course. The guidance and feedback from the skills platform results in fewer mails in your inbox and a higher quality of end products (see also Evaluation and research).

How can you provide support for students?

  • With the help of the skills team, you can integrate relevant skills modules or chapters into your lectures and Brightspace learning environment.
  • You can refer to the Science Skills Platform in your feedback.
  • You can share one or more of the available digital flyers corresponding to the skill assignment(s) covered in your course (see documents on the right).

Through the platform, students can prepare themselves for work groups and lectures where they can directly apply the knowledge they have acquired. The available templates, step-by-step guides and checklists give students practical guidance in working on their assignment.

The skills team is happy to help

The skills team has already worked with many teachers to implement one or more skills modules from the Science Skills Platform in their courses. The team is happy to help you link existing course material to relevant skills modules, but can also support you with entire skills education lines or developing skills lectures/assignments/courses. The extent of implementation depends on the wishes of the course and/or teacher. If interesented, please feel free to contact the skills team to get to know the platform and discuss the possibilities.

On the platform, students receive practical support in the development of various skills that are directly applicable to their courses. In many study programmes, the basic processes and products that students encounter are still insufficiently explained.

The platform is a low-threshold tool that both bachelor's and master's students can use to strengthen and expand that very foundation. Students can also use the platform outside of their courses. They retain access throughout their studies.

What can you learn?
Students learn, for example, how to deliver a certain type of end product effectively and efficiently. Explanations, templates, examples and step-by-step plans guide students through the entire process. Are they working in a team? Then students also learn how to collaborate professionally and provide feedback to each other. Modules on dealing with stress and practising study skills, such as reading academic texts or taking exams, can contribute to a more enjoyable student experience.

Questions about the Science Skills Platform? Contact the skills team via skills@science.leidenuniv.nl.

The Science Skills Platform has been evaluated during several large pilot studies among bachelor students. During these pilots, the use of the skills platform was voluntary and not taken into account during grading. First year students and third year bachelor students of Bio Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as students from the Biology minor Molecular Biotechnology greatly appreciated the skills platform. IIn addition, students felt more skilled and obtained higher grades for specific writing assignments. 

Want to know more?

We are happy to give you and your colleagues a tour of the platform! Contact us via skills@science.leidenuniv.nl to schedule an appointment.

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