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LCN2 seminar January 2024

Friday 26 January 2024
Room 402

63rd LCN2 seminar

Speaker: Anouk van Beurden (LUMC)

Title: Network properties of the central circadian clock


Evolutionary most species have developed internal clocks, enabling them to optimally coordinate their physiology and behavior with the local environment. The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) serves as the master clock in the brain and consists of 20,000 individually oscillating cells. Each cell contains a molecular feedback loop that produces an oscillatory rhythm of approximately 24-h. In order to obtain a robust and coherent 24-h rhythm, the SCN cells synchronize to each other as a result of neural coupling. Although more and more advanced experimental recording techniques have become available over the past years, there is still a lot unknown about the SCN network. As a lot of diseases affect clock function, understanding the SCN network is an important step towards maintaining health. This presentation will highlight a couple of methods to investigate the SCN network and will provide some recent discoveries about the network properties of the SCN.

Afterwards there will be drinks in the Foobar.

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