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LCN2 seminar February 2024

Friday 8 March 2024
Room 402

64th LCN2 seminar

Speaker: Alessandro Zocca (VU Amsterdam)

Title: Generating synthetic power grids using Exponential Random Graphs

Power grids are fundamental infrastructures of our modern societies and economies. However, only limited information on transmission power grids is released by network operators due to security concerns. Thus, there is a substantial lack of high-quality real data. To address this problem, in the last two decades, synthetic grid generation approaches have been extensively investigated by the research community. The main challenge has been developing models flexible enough to replicate the very heterogeneous nature and peculiar properties of real power grids. In this talk, I will describe a novel method for the generation of synthetic transmission power grids using Exponential Random Graph (ERG) models. From a modeling perspective, we identify edge count and k-triangles as the crucial topological characteristics for synthetic power grid generation. From a technical perspective, we develop a rigorous methodology to estimate the parameters of an ERG constrained to the space of connected graphs. The proposed ERG model to generate the topological structure of power grids is flexible, easy to implement, and successfully captures the desired topological properties of power grids.

 This talk is based on joint work with Francesco Giacomarra (University of Trieste) and Gianmarco Bet (University of Florence).

Afterwards there will be drinks in the Foobar.

You can also attend online

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