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Sharing and sending files

If you wish to share files with colleagues within or outside the university, you can save these files in the cloud. You can do this with Office 365 or OneDrive. If your files are too large to be send by e-mail, you can use SURFfilesender.

Office 365 and OneDrive

With Office 365 you can use the university OneDrive cloud storage. In OneDrive, the files that you need are available anywhere. You can install Office 365 and OneDrive via Software Center or the Office portal. How to do this and more information can be found on the helpdesk portal.


SURFdrive is a public cloud storage service. It is comparable to public services such as Dropbox, with the difference that with SURFdrive, your data is stored in the Netherlands. Preferably use OneDrive to store university files. You only need SURFdrive if you need to collaborate with colleagues inside or outside the university who use SURFdrive. Use your ULCN account to log in on SURFdrive.


SURFFilesender is a service to send (large) files via your web browser. It is comparable to WeTransfer with the difference that in SURFfileSender, the files are sent and saved via Dutch servers. This means you can send your files in a safer way. Log in with your ULCN account.


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