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Help and support

Do you have a question about submitting an invoice? Or do you need help with procurement? Below you will find more information.

Finance Directorate

If you have any questions about the Planning & Control cycle of the University, Treasury or the guidelines on administration guides, contact the Finance Directorate.

FSSC Service Point

If you want to submit a digital invoice, or if you have any questions on financial and administrative services, please contact the FSSC Service Point.

Service portal

A variety of ordering processes are currently in place at the University. This will change with the introduction of the Service portal. You will then be able to place all your orders in a single system: from furniture to coffee and from chemicals to pens.


If you have any questions about budgets, financial reports, project administration and financial statements, please contact your faculty/unit controller.

Leiden University Procurement Service

If you need any help with procurement, The Procurement Service supports purchasing processes and European tenders in particular.

Audit and Internal Control Service

If you are responsible for a project for which you require a financial statement, the Audit and Internal Control Service (AIC) will verify whether the project file meets all the requirements. Contact the AIC with any questions on financial statements or audits or internal controls.

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